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Welcome to the MD Group Wiki

On this web site we provide information about our groups that will hopefully be also useful to other people. Please feel free to contact us for any feedback. For local access there is:

  • A repository for research papers with some annotation as to their content and techniques
  • A repository of knowledge pertaining to Molecular Dynamics, NMR and Crystallography that helps to give everyone a thorough grounding in the basic theory and methodology of these fields
  • A group meeting timetable and a store of peoples' presentations

Molecular Dynamics group (Alan Mark)

Automated Force Field Topology Builder [ATB] and Repository for the GROMOS family of force fields

Getting started

Thursday Meeting Timetable

The Seminars are held weekly. You can check the most up-to-date schedule here.

The research/literature seminars alternate with either a Theoretical Seminar or a Journal Club which have dedicated wiki pages:

You can share articles/reviews that you find interesting and relevant for the group. You can upload them on the Paper pool wiki page. They can also be used for a Journal Club or a Theoretical Seminar.

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Group Task List

Task Responsible Person(s)
Purchasing Kasia, Megan
Printer Nandhitha
Wiki Manager Martin, David
MDGroup Web Pages -
Workstation Machines Martin, Karmen
Server and Cluster Martin, Karmen
Visitor Orientation Karmen
Joint Group Meetings Lachlan, Nanditha
Group Seminars David, Megan
Kiwi Lachlan
Display TV Michael
NCI Quota David
GROMOS Software Alpesh
GROMACS Software Alpesh
ATB Alpesh, Martin
New Account Creation Michael
MD Calender Evelyn

Teaching Resource

Biol3004 2009

Biol3004 2008

Biol3004 2007


Student projects 2008

Queensland Protein Group

East Coast Protein Meeting 2011

Bimolecular Modeling School


See calendar

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Joint Group Meetings

Meetings are held every last Friday of the month

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